Why Be Kind?

People do good things for a lot of reasons.  God’s kindness is the greatest motivation for showing true kindness to others.

Why a Servant?

Have you ever wondered why it is that of all the ways Jesus could have come to this world, he chose to come as a servant?  This lesson helps us to understand Jesus’ reasons, and aims us to have the same heart.

Exit Strategy for our Kids


This lesson, delivered the Sunday after the Boston Marathon bombing, is a reminder about the obligation we have to our children to point them in a way that will bless them eternally.  They didn’t ask to be brought into this world.  Let’s insure that we give them the best now that they are here!

Mecca to Medina


Controversy over whether Islam is a religion of peace or violence abounds. Why is there such confusion?  How does the heart of Islam differ from that of Christianity?

What’s Your Nehushtan?


Remember that brass snake Moses made in the wilderness?  II Kings 18:4 tells us king Hezekiah broke it into pieces.  Now why would he go and destroy such a sacred thing?  Could there be some important relics that God may be calling US to destroy?

When Law’s Condemnation is Gone


Fighting the battle of holiness is a losing cause when we are trying to do it with our own willpower alone. How can we be victorious to live the kind of life we really want to live?

Kindness for the Journey


A recent trip to visit the grandkids exposes several examples of kindness.  This world will be a better place when we can stop what we are doing to show a little kindness to others.

The Bible In 30 Minutes


For someone who doesn’t know the story of the Bible, opening its pages can be a daunting task. This sermon tries to boil down the powerful and life giving message of this big book.

Hey, Not Fair!


To a person whose lot in life is full of trouble and struggles, it may seem that God is very far away. God is closer than we realize, and his blessings abound even when it seems like life is not fair.

Today’s Tower of Babel


Childhood images of a huge tower stretching to the clouds obscure the real lessons we can gain from this ancient story. It’s more than a story of God confusing human language. It’s about how we view the very nature of God.